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Examples of weekly illustrations created for the Statement, an insert in the student-run publication The Michigan Daily. 

Articles illustrated vary in topic; for example the illustration to the left accompanies an article written about "disturbing the universe" through our actions as humans.

Accompanies an article written by a "Third Culture Kid", someone who has grown up in cities across the world, and often grapples with the idea of home.

Accompanies an article about travels to Dublin, Ireland and the adventures

he has there.

Accompanies an article describing a student's relationship with her mother and the cyclical strength they give one another.

Accompanies an article voicing the joys and troubles of being a passionate copy editor

Accompanies an article about an ice hockey player's journey from New York to find her niche in Michigan.

Accompanies an article about one student's love and adoration for the University of Michigan's Men's Basketball games at the Crisler Center.

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